I’ve blogged about tending my five adopted gardens, which tending I’m earnestly trying to reduce by making the gardens as low-maintenance as possible. In some instances there are actual maintenance crews I hope to turn the job over to, with instructions. You know, I’m not young anymore.

All the gardens would continue to benefit from volunteers and my co-op has a new program to encourage them. The “Pocket Garden” program makes garden-adopters like me fill out an online form about the adoption, which I’m fine with because it takes these spaces and their maintenance seriously. The program includes posting these cute signs in the gardens to give us credit, while publicizing the program. (And there’s a list of common spaces in need of adopters.)

So suddenly there are signs like the one above in the common area near me, just past our parking lot. First, I was nervous that neighbors would think *I* had put the sign there, claiming total domination of the site, so I moved it to a less visible place. Another effect of the sign was to shame me into doing some overdue weeding and mulching.

And in a more public spot in front of the co-op offices there are now two “Susan” signs embedded. (Details and history of the new garden here.) In its third year since the make-over, I gotta say it’s looking good. Especially now with so much in bloom, passersby are noticing, commenting, and sometimes starting conversations.

I was wary of the whole sign idea at first but now I’m thinking maybe there’s something to crediting volunteer gardeners. What do you think?

Best of all was seeing this post on the extremely popular fashion blog Wardrobe Oxygen. I was surprisingly delighted to see my garden chosen for a summer photo shoot. (Oh yes, in my mind it’s MY GARDEN.)