“Pithy, hysterically funny, with poignant news and views of all aspects of the garden world. Don’t miss their Manifesto!”

– Garden Design Magazine

We’ve also been lauded by The American GardenerCanadian Gardening magazine, BBC’s Gardens Illustrated, and the National Gardening Association. And most importantly, our readers who have called us “Witty, sharp, and relentless good fun” … “sassy, knowledgeable commentary, always provocative, always surprising” … “the first blog I read every day.” 

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GardenRant is the thinking gardener’s hangout. Since 2006, The Rant’s writing team of horticulturists, authors, nursery owners, columnists, ecologists, speakers, and activists have provided an interactive, thought-provoking platform that tackles all aspects of the gardening industry and engages professional and amateur gardener-readers from all over the world. Many voices, many opinions, many subjects. Which is why The Washington Post’s Adrian Higgins calls it one of his favorites, declaring “…it blows the cobwebs out of gardening’s mustier corners.

“edgy, entertaining and informative.”

– Horticulture magazine

Garden Rant “gives good information, hosts lively and knowledgeable guest ranters, and is anchored by four outstandingly uppity women, excellent writers all.”

– Washington Post’s Barbara Damrosch

GardenRant was founded in June 2006 by Susan HarrisElizabeth LicataMichele Owens and Amy Stewart. Its opinionated commentary, willingness to take on controversial subjects, and big-picture thinking gained a following immediately. GardenRant has won awards from its peers, has been invited to present at industry conferences, and has been noted by the garden world’s most prominent media outlets. The individual Ranters are regularly invited to contribute to gardening publications, both print and online. 

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