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The online correspondence between Ranters Marianne Willburn (in Virginia) and Scott Beuerlein (in Ohio) began in July 2019 with Scott’s column ‘Time for a Grexit’ in Horticulture magazine which grumpily condemned British garden writers and their books. Marianne couldn’t let him get away with it; but chose to answer on GardenRant soil. Scott rebutted. Marianne rebutted his rebuttal, and Scott returned the punch.

Marianne answered with a letter.

What followed has been an edgy, informative, humorous and often intimate portrait of their gardens and lives in very different regions of the country. The letters aren’t managed or edited, and often, readers of GardenRant see them even before Scott or Marianne does.

It’s a gardeners’ correspondence for a digital age. You can find the entire collection of letters below. Enjoy!

Confession or Confusion. Sins vs. Good Deeds in Spring; A Letter from the Midwest

By |May 17, 2023|

Some of these combinations are quite good. Some came by intent, some by serendipity. However they happened, that’s what years of growth and crowding, forgotten sowings, and much, much more allows. It’s what happens when wait-and-see wisdom gradually undermines sheer energy and willpower.

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