Continuing our reporting on garden-related news about the First Family, something new has turned up about gardens the Bidens may have created or cared. 

Bidens Added Family Heritage Garden at the Naval Observatory 

Thanks to a story in Huffington Post, we get to see a garden the Bidens established there! The story is full of great photos of the home, too. The porch is to die for. This is the same VP quarters that VP Harris and her husband will be moving into after some renovations are completed. (They’re couch-surfing at Blair House in the meantime.)

he Bidens added the Family Heritage Garden of the Vice President, where all occupants and their family members, including pets, are memorialized on the stone pavers around a fountain.
In this photo from Oct. 28, 2016, a fiberglass replica of a bronze dog by artist Charles Parks is on loan and wears the collar of the Biden’s dog, Champ.
Vice President Joe Biden surprised his wife with a tree swing and a commemorative plaque on the grounds residence on Valentine’s Day in 2010.
Can you handle more niceness?  I know I can!

First Lady Sends White House Vegetables to Michelle Obama

So our new First Lady sent Michelle Obama a basket of vegetables from the White House Kitchen Garden that Obama established and posted it to her Instagram account, of course. I heard about in a story from The Hill.  

Brings back great memories, doesn’t it?

Emhoff Visits Urban Farm 

I decided to include garden-related news from the Second Family, too, thanks to Doug Emhoff’s visit to a DC farm. People Magazine has the story, and the local angle here was the importance of it being his very first venture out in his new role.  He said he’s researching ways he can help. I trust DC’s urban farmers and food advocates will have plenty of ideas. 

Vice President Kamala Harris‘ husband, Doug Emhoff, made his first official stop as second gentleman on Thursday, touring The Farm at Washington, D.C.’s Kelly Miller Middle School to learn about food insecurity and local work to address the problem.

C-Span has a video of Emhoff’s visit.