A mighty 150′ tall white pine fell in a strong windstorm last Thursday night in Salvisa, Kentucky. My friend Otis Knox planted a dozen of these white pine seedlings soon after he and his wife Ilene moved down here on what is now our farm in 1976. He had dug little seedlings from near his home place in the mountains of Powell County, about an hour from here. The fallen pine had already been struck by lightning last summer. The electric bolt surged and blew off bark, two-thirds of the way down the trunk. The tree didn’t seem diminished, but when it fell you could see the trunk’s blackened interior.

My pals at SavATree removed the pine lickety-split in a mere three hours. I’ve still got a gutter to rehang and a hole in the barn roof to fix, but there’s a silver lining. I am left with a three-foot stump, some small seedlings and a BIG pile of shredded pine chips

I’m already thinking about a vine to plant on the stump; I can plant the two-year-old pine seedlings on the farm in the next year or two, and I’ve also got mulch for years to come.