If you’ve noticed the “Shop” graphic on GardenRant’s home page – good eye! It’s been there while we’ve tested and tweaked the pretty, statement-making merch now available, all sporting our brand new logo. 

Surely you or someone you know can relate to the sentiments in our tagline, the mighty tools pointing to it, and the Manifesto behind the bold words “Uprooting the Gardening World.”

What, you haven’t memorized our Manifesto, written in 2006 by co-founder Amy Stewart, who made her mark here by speaking her mind? Sixteen years later it’s still on target and they’re printed on the back of our T-shirts – quite a conversation-starter, no? That’s me above wearing my new Women’s Class Tee in the color Leaf and size Large. (It fits more like a medium, so order accordingly.) I can confirm that the fabric is nice and soft.  UPDATE: We’ve discontinued sales of T-shirts until we can resolve reported issues with printing.

More Rant Models

Above, in what would be an odd-looking selfie in any other context, are Scott and Michele Beuerlein wearing their ranty new T-shirts (sales of which are discontinued, pending finding a more reliable supplier). 

Marianne ordered a Women’s Tee in Turquoise and was surprised by the delivery of this extra-roomy Tote bag, a gift from her sister – GardenRant’s web designer.

And Elizabeth posed in her Thanksgiving best with the GardenRant Water Bottle, which apparently works just as well with champagne.

We’re Showing Off Customers!

Here’s the offer. Buy something, send us a photo if it – on you, on your dog, in your garden, anywhere – and we’ll post it here and on social media with whatever information you’d like included (no more than a sentence). Possibilities include your name, location, and a link to your own website, shop, or even favorite charity.  Links on GardenRant apparently have value, judging from the number of requests we get for do-follow links and mentions, and we’re happy to give a little link love to customers. It’s not so much the income from sales that matter to us, though every little bit is nice. Spreading the word about this blog and its unique voice in the gardening world is what’s gold to us.

It could be just a cup, a pin or a magnet.