I’m blaming Twitter. My feed of pundits and reporters pointed me to this clip on Newsmax, a channel I’ve never dared look at. It shows a host mocking Joe Biden for picking a dandelion and giving it to his wife. Oh wait, “bizarrely” giving her the dandelion.

So worthy of being mocked as a phony “gate.” 

I’ll get a good laugh at this because if this is the level of controversy or “gate” we’ll have to endure during the Biden years, great! That would mean nothing really rant-worthy is going on. 

But gardeners, why do we think he was picking it for her and saying to her about it? Note that it’s the spent flower, the part we blow to scatter the seeds, that he’s handing her. Not a yellow flower to match what appear to be lemons on her dress, and definitely NOT the “flower that hasn’t even bloomed yet” that the host thinks it is.

Elsewhere on the White House Grounds

Now to soothe the soul, here’s a shot of the First Lady/college professor grading papers in the White House gardens. From the WHPhotoOffice Instagram account.