In what her office called “The first lady’s surprise Valentine messages to the country, Valentine’s Day candies with messages of love and healing were installed overnight, surprising the President.

They talked with reporters, and C-SPAN got it on tape.

“I just wanted some joy,” she told a reporter. “With the pandemic, just, everybody’s feeling a little down. So, it’s just a little joy. A little hope. That’s all.”

Yard Snobbery at Slate

On Slate, Heather Schwedel starts with acknowledging that she shouldn’t criticize this temporary display by  Biden because she’s such an improvement over her predecessor.  But then this: “And yet criticize I will.” You know, coz it’s that important.

Giant lawn signs in general seem like an odd choice for a place like the White House, but these in particular looked like they’d been built by a middle school stage crew. If they’re supposed to evoke candy hearts—I think they are?—well … there’s room for improvement.

Complains about the choice of words on the signs 

Since when has Valentine’s Day been about unity?

Fears more low-class moves to come 

I guess I was expecting something a bit more elegant. If these hearts are a harbinger of what’s to come, I am not optimistic.

There’s more – why all her friends seem to disagree with her (good to know) and criticizes sexist expectations on the First Lady that don’t apply to the Second Gentleman.

I say hold the hysteria and the quick judgments, just four weeks in.

Actually, today I hope to channel my inner Jill Biden and get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, seen through her eyes.