pots with iresine and sweet potato vine, then Little Bluestem

These pots in my back garden used to contain bold-colored annuals that grew surprisingly large – particularly the red Iresine here with sweet potato vine. Then the deer found them and loved them to death, so this year they held the deer-resistant but comparatively boring Little Bluestem ‘Standing Tall.’ 

Also, they didn’t stand tall after all. They flopped until I shortened them considerably.

But since painting everything in sight in my front garden – much-needed color therapy for 2020 – I started painting in the back, too. The old grey bench is now barn red. Then the dull grey pots caught my eye.

pots painted tomato red

Choosing a color called Tomato Red, I went a little bolder with the pots, which is why they may be over the top for some readers. 

before and after painting grey pots vibrant blue

And I didn’t stop there. When I wrote that these pots in the front garden were possible targets of paint I believe more than one commenter disagreed, saying they preferred the natural weathered look.

I liked it, too, well enough, but I like them even more since painting them blue this week.

Pots painted blue, with pink chairs

I like them best of all in context, with more bold colors in sight.

before and after painting grey pots green

Lastly, these naturally weathered grey pots near my front door looked kinda cool, I’ll admit, but I’m on a tear to reduce the grey in my life. Also, I wanted more of the mint green accent color against the house.

Next summer these pots will be covered by trailing foliage (more sweet potato vine as the “spiller”) but for now, they’re statement pots, dammit. 

But as always, feel free to disagree. (Rant commenters can be bold, too.)