-You would barely imagine that a category 4-5 hurricane had swept past just a few months previously.

(Sorry, no Santa pix)

-Santa is everywhere, as a culture of white-bearded men has already long been in place and just requires a few seasonal tweaks.

-Front gardens are the most creative in the less-moneyed neighborhoods with the smallest houses.

-An organized committee (must be) regulates early morning noise as follows: truck-driven sand comber, 6-8; carts bumping over walkways pulling nothing: 6-9; drilling (doesn’t matter what), 7-10; sawing (doesn’t matter what), 8-10; roosters, at will, from 5 onward.

-People don’t instantly start talking about snow when they find out where you’re from; they’re cooler than that. Plus, everyone is from everywhere here.

-It’s the best place ever to escape from politics as well as winter.