Mike Nowak and GardenRanters in Chicago, with Mimosas.First, who IS this guy?  Why, it’s Mike Nowak, garden writer and Chicago-area radio personality.  And personality he has in spades, as evidenced by his going snark-to-snark and rant-to-rant with three of us on his August 15 radio show.  Listen for yourself.

Then there’s the stunt he pulled during our talk to the independent garden center folks – a stunt that at least one of us had no idea was coming.  Imagine this guy barging into the room, interrupting our presentation and pulling out of his handy bartender’s bag the following: orange juice, champagne, and cocktail goblets for four!  And proceeding to fix Mimosas for all of us.

Well, now that we’ve met our match in Mike Nowak, we’ve invited him to come rant with us and he promises to do just that.

THIS JUST IN:  I learn from Twitter that Mike has a little story online  about this very subject.