We’ve talked about The Garden Professors blog before, but I have to admit I had never visited this group effort, run by Jeff Gillman (University of Minnesota), Linda Chalker-Scott (Washington State University), Bert Cragg (Michigan State), and Holly Scoggins (Virginia Tech), until recently. So here’s an advisory for those of you who also haven’t checked it out—do!

For plant geekery, this blog simply can’t be beat. It’s fascinating. I read it mainly just for fun, to discover why people used to fill trees with concrete, to learn why water droplets do not burn leaves, and to find out why certain weeds thrive in inhospitable summer conditions. (To name three recent topics.)

Now that I’ve been turned on to the professors, I’m planning on reading it regularly. When you think that there’s a knowledge base like this available on the web, it’s sad to consider that many gardeners rely on boring
generic advice from questionable “expert” sites. Even if the topic has no relevance for me, all of the GPs are lively, funny writers, especially when they take up fun topics like natives and invasives or the worthiness of compost

The blog does not seem to have its own “home” button so I browsed it by month. It could also use a feed link. C’mon, professors.