Pick up the June 2009 issue and you’ll notice a familiar face – our own Michele Owens urging us to “forget the myth of the $20 tomato”.  Her practical and passionate approach is laid out in these simple steps:

1.  Pick a spot, any sunny spot, for your garden.
2.  Dig once.
3.  Be bold and panoramic in your planting.
4.  Water, weed, and pluck the fruits of your labor.

And just one more quote:  “Of course, there are many 400-page guides on the bookstore shelves that make it sound as if a vegetable garden has to be managed with the same precision as a graded college chemistry lab.  Ignore them.”

But wait, what about this blurb about Michele from the Contributor page: “Owens is writing a book, Eat the Yard, (Rodale), to be published in 2010.”  I think we can safely assume that Eat the Yard will be anything BUT another 400-page guide detailing with anal-compulsive precision what MUST be done.  I read the book proposal and here’s a prediction:  It’ll be a great read