Well, that’s how I see it when parents buy cool play sets like this one for their yard. They promote physical exercise that’s actually FUN and filled with creative possibilities.

But parents can’t do anything right these days, it seems.  Child safety fears raised by Obama swing set?  Good grief. 

The White House head usher had been tasked with researching the options.  He chose Rainbow Play Systems, flew to South Dakota to select precisely the right system, and the girls squealed with delight when they saw it installed its new home on the South Lawn, right where the president can watch from the Oval Office.  Gripe about it at your peril!

But gardeners and garden designers, how else would you make the White House grounds more people- and kid-friendly?  A kickball field?  Some cool nature-exploring additions, like a pond or a butterfly garden?  The Natural Learning Institute has a lot of great ideas.  How about some recycled rubber mulch under those swings for a softer landing than hard-packed earth?