Over on Transatlantic Plantsman, Graham is ever-so-helpful to his newbie blog-readers back home in England.  It’s Blogging 101, plus some more advanced details I’m still confused about myself.  (Feedburner “Subscribe Here” creates emails to readers of your new posts?  And how’s that different from using a blog-reader?) 

But Graham quickly moves on to our favorite part – the blogs he recommends.  Heaps of thanks and a virtual group hug for the generous endorsement!

Ten recommended blogs
Finally, to get you started, here are ten recommended gardening and plant blogs from the UK and USA. There are more in the sidebar over on the right. 

GardenWeb’s Garden Voices
Daily highlights from the gardening blogs

Garden Rant
Firm opinion, with an endearing touch of justified hysteria from Susan Harris, Elizabeth Licata, Michelle Owens and Amy Stewart. Superb.  There are links to their own individual blogs too.

Jane Perrone’s organic allotment and garden blog from England.

Invasive Plants in Arlington
Photo diary or working on non-native, invasive plants in Arlington, Virginia.

Sightings and photographs from the natural world in Yorkshire, England.

Irene’s Garden and Beyond
New York Newsday’s gardening columnist Irene Virag on her garden and beyond.

Gardening and landscape design with attitude from Jane Berger in Washington DC and Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Cold Climate Gardening
Hardy plants for hardy souls from Kathy Purdy in zone 4, New York state.

A Study in Contrasts
Mostly garden-related musings of a transplant living near the sandy shores of Lake Erie.

May Dreams Gardens
From Indiana, including the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club

What an interesting list, and I’m glad it includes my buddy Jane Berger, who’s an excellent writer and practically a neighbor.  But about the invasive plant crusader in Northern Virginia?  That just proves once again that there are people who devote themselves to fighting the good fight, be it environmental or political, and then there are people like me, who vote with them and write checks to them but really just want to enjoy being outside, ya know?  There’s a popular bumper sticker in my neighborhood that reads, “I’d Rather Be Fighting Global Warming,” to which my honest reaction is that I’d rather be enjoying nature while those other folks are out fighting global warming.  Am I the only one?