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Hey, It’s me, Helen Yoest! As an east-coaster, I’m passionate about our unique gardening environment and the challenges it brings, and also the wondrous wildlife around us!

For starters, I like to test gardener’s knowledge by asking, Do you know your average rainfall? Often the answer is met with a blank stare. I get it. But knowing something this simple is the beginning of understanding the environment you live in!

Like other areas around the country, we are either in a drought or deluge! Wouldn’t it be nice if Raleigh’s 44 inches of rainfall tickled our Earth 0.84615285 inch a week?

Oh, I forgot to mention, I have both graduate and undergraduate degrees in environmental science and engineering! But I promise this is the only math you’ll see from me. I’ll take it from here! Did you know in the ideal east coast garden, we need an inch of rain each week? Well, as you do know, 25% of that can occur in September during hurricane season or none at all in July! We can teach you how to manage this!

Helen is the Executive Director of Bee Better, a non-profit based in Raleigh, NC.

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