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Gene E. Bush, Garden Correspondent, tells the complete story of shade gardening based upon thirty-plus years of experience gardening in Southern Indiana.  He also had twenty-plus years as the past owner of Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, specializing in rare and unusual shade perennials. Gene’s garden still specializes in native and non-native perennial woodland plants. This combination of plants forms a casual style of ‘Wild’ gardening. Gene is now active as a garden consultant specializing in Aging With Your Garden. His photographs and writing now appear on his Facebook Page. Watch for exhibits of his photos in local galleries.

Past garden writing and photographs can be found in issues of Fine Gardening, The American Gardener magazine of American Horticulture Society, State by State Indiana Gardening Magazine

Look for his eBook “Shade Garden Solutions: Eight Essential

Problems Solved for Successful Shade Gardening” on

“A Gardener Grounded: Meeting Life’s Challenges Post

Diagnosis” is available on in both hard copy and eBook

PowerPoint presentations use photos taken in his garden and now focus on the aging gardener. He has given presentations to Morton Arboretum, Fernwood of Niles, MI, and Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI, along with Indianapolis Museum of Art, and garden clubs such as Master Gardener’s groups. Professional organizations such as Kentucky Nursery & Landscaping Assoc., and Perennial Plant Association are frequent favorites for speaking.

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