In a recent post I revealed the uptick in “pollinator action” in my townhouse front garden, thanks to suggestions that GardenRant readers made (to this post) for more critter-friendly annuals than the coleus I’d been growing in pots but which attracted nothing.

And finally (after a winter of technical struggles with more than one video editing program) there’s a video version! I thank my entomologist neighbor Jay Evans for identifying the wildlife.

Top Pollinator Magnets in February and March


Now that I’m noticing insects and other critters in my garden more than ever, I’ve seen them on just a few plants so far. We’re still weeks away from being able to plant tropical annuals outdoors but at least these early blooming perennials are supporting some bees. I didn’t catch the action on video or even still photo, so you’ll have to take my word for it. 

Groundcover comfrey

Spirea ‘Ogon’ started blooming in February, is just starting to fade now.