For perhaps the 15th consecutive autumn let me TRUMPET THE MOST UNDERUSED PLANT IN HORTICULTURE HISTORY

OK, calm down Bob..Bob..

But I’m telling you, it is underused. These pictures were taken yesterday as the rest of our garden shades Autumnal to Outta Here. The Korean mum is truly hardy. Very easy to grow. It blooms well into October. It comes in a Kaleidoscope of Kolors. The late cruising bees need it.

IT has a funky American history including some New England plant breeder in the 1930s.


only bad news: Almost impossible to find in local nurseries, probably because they want to shut down and move on to Christmas trees before it blooms.

Thus, it is mostly available at insane mail order prices, like $19.95 for three-inch pots, or three for only $49.95. But free shipping, right?? There ought to be a law.


But it spreads nicely to almost shrub size. HAVE I mentioned easily divided making it very useful in other full sun garden areas, even as gifts. And you’ll spend that much or way more for those GAUDY NON-HARDY MUMS spread by the millions across the front of box stores and grocery aisles that end up as garbage or compost.

Therefore… YOU gardeners of all ages…

“Bob, Bob, enough already. Get off the Korean Mum soap box. Be careful…don’t fall….Bob…Bob…”