Somewhat less than Sports Illustrated cover material, this proud pink peony has a story all its own.

Literally separated from friends and family by a guy with an errant shovel, she was accidentally left behind in her original location as other peonies were moved to a sunnier location.

Indeed, forgotten.

Yet this spring, in her “hey-what-about-me” survival mode, she put up one stem, one bud, one flower—which sadly flopped to the ground.

Add a stake and two ratty pieces of twine. A smiling face. An uplifting victory tale in a world filled with cheap, depressing political bullshit.

Better yet, the guy with the errant shovel will now reward the “yes-I-can” pink peony by moving her, when timely, to rejoin the rest of the peonies in the back field where she will again be with friends and family.

Yes, she will.

You just gotta believe.