My Twitter-following friend Pam send me the link to the tweet above from a Kyle I’m not familiar with, but I sure love his eye for a story that needs a comic title.

So for a fun distraction I scrolled the very long thread and here are my favorite reactions to this catalog cover.

Stating the obvious (lots of these)

  • I don’t get why you would garden in your bedroom.
  • Oh, that really made me chortle. Yikes, what is up with the dirt all over the white rug? I’m trying to picture the conversation in the concept meeting. “Then we’ll spread dirt at the foot of the bed, across the white carpet, and…” Who thought that was a good idea?!
  • This gives me so much anxiety, why tf is the repotting happening IN UR FUKEN BEDROOM MA’AM???? omg I would never buy from them bc this image is cursed as hell

Concern for the rug (ditto)

  • Whatever did happen to the rug? Vacuum cleaner suggestions?
  • I guess she’ll just throw out the carpet when she’s finished potting plants…

Concern for the model’s mental health

  • When the model on the catalog cover is also having some kind of breakdown.
  • If people really are doing this we are so far from common ground on the “shoes inside or not” discourse.
  • Her latest lover is outside the left hand window dangling eviscerated from a tree branch just out of frame…
  • It’s giving me “I’m doing this because Buzzfeed said houseplants can help pull me out of my depression.”
  • The occupational therapy for her depression has gone quite wrong.

A commenter’s cry for help?

  • To be fair. in my early plant having days I did do this.
  • A lot of you have never potted plants in your bedroom and… good for you, honestly.
  • Weirdly validating.

An eye for tools

  • W-why is there a small rake? Y’all, WHY IS THERE A SMALL RAKE?….. and a watering can? [Commenter marked the images above.]
  • What’s the point of even having those gloves, Chelsea?

Pure fun

  • She is in a hotel room with stolen exotic plants and transplanting them into new pots so they won’t be recognized.
  • Weekend macrodosing gone very wrong
  • Taking earth tones waaaaaaay too seriously.
  • No, she seeds her rug with Kentucky bluegrass and waters diligently for a month while shooing away birds.
  • I gotta know is she potting plants in her bedroom or did she relocate her bed to the garden shed? Both are possible.
  • This is the last scene from a horror movie.
  • Things to do in an AirBnB. [My favorite.]

That’s too rich!

  • This has big “I have a maid” energy.
  • Tell me you have cleaning lady without telling me you have a cleaning lady.
  • She doesn’t deserve nice things.
  • This looks like a catalog for people who are rich enough to have a maid clean up after you have a mental breakdown.

A minority reaction

  • i… i don’t see what’s wrong…

But what if this marketing works?

  • I think the bottom line here is that we are talking about this on Twitter and that is a ginormous success for them. I’ve never even heard of that catalog before today.
  • You basically took the bait, & proved their marketing campaign. ‘Cultivate a conversation’ Hmm…do I need that soiled mattress?
  • Home goods company buys gardening company, economizes by putting everything in one catalog

But do you want your bedroom styled by these people?

So even if this catalog cover can sell bed linens, can it sell Parachute’s bedroom-styling business?

Wait, did April Fool’s Day already happen?