This week I made a return to my local shopping mall, which has undergone surprisingly few changes after two very hard years.  Yay! 

But boy, this display just inside a J Crew store sure caught my eye. Is gardening now so cool that J Crew customers are actually buying these items?

Note the product description for the T-shirt above: “A shirt that pairs especially well with green thumbs…”  So I guess so!

Not too long ago I remember a friend questioning my choice of “GardenerSusan” as my email address, since I was describing myself in such an uncool way. Obviously not a gardening friend but still, she’s artsy and her low opinion of gardeners was a shock to me.

So I wonder what led J Crew to invest in their customers wanting to identify as green thumbs. Could it be the 16 million people who started gardening in 2020? That’s what prompted the creation of the Great Grow Along, the FREE, 10-day online event that starts today. Elizabeth recommends it highly.

Okay, that’s your microdose of good news for the day.