I’m not especially into Christmas, obviously. I say that because THIS poinsettia and the artificial swag around it are the only holiday decorations in my home, and that’s been my pattern as long as I’ve owned cats, which is a long time. The poinsettia I bought isn’t the classic Christmas red but a nice pink, to complement the pink quilt hanging in my dining room. 

NOTHING like these hideous sparkly items. 

Yes, I vaguely remembered reading that poinsettias are poisonous to cats, but nothing to worry about. For example, this graphic from Brent and Becky’s that appeared in my Facebook feed this week (posted by the local Master Gardener group) says they’re “very safe!” I also dismissed any worry because the only plants my cats have ever eaten are grasses. You know how cats are about them – love ’em and throw ’em up! 

What an “Upset Tummy” Looks Like

Don’t worry; this post isn’t ending in a sad tale of madly dashing to the pet emergency room, or worse. Just a sight I won’t show you of what APPEAR to be drops of blood that I found throughout my house, including on my just-laundered bedspread. (Note my concern is mainly with having to do more laundry than usual.)

Thankfully, my Jerry (on the left above) wasn’t bleeding from his bottom – a seriously worrying symptom – but just dripping pink poinsettia juice wherever he sat. He showed no other signs of trouble.

Bottom line – no more poinsettia experimentation for me, or for Jerry or his brother Harry. 

Here’s hoping YOUR holiday decorations are holding up better than mine, and that you and yours (pets and humans, too!) are safe and sound this holiday season. (And always.)