This was the view of my back garden, where some recent shrub- and tree-buying was really paying off, small space be damned.

My one perennial that still looks good is Amsonia hubrichtii, in the foreground. Behind it is an Oakleaf Hydrangea. Further right and rising above the screen are the orange-tipped yellow leaves of Redbud ‘Rising Sun.’ Gorgeous.

On the sidewalk side of the screen you see the Redbud on the left, along with the red leaves of ‘Mt. Airy’ Fothergilla and purple leaves of a Purple Smokebush. Below them is a variegated evergreen Acuba ‘Picturata.’

Closeup of the Fothergilla.

Above is the view from my living room with three Japanese maples doing their fall thing. The new maples are ‘Osakazuki’ and ‘Orido Nishiki.’

On the patio you see the three pots that used to hold annuals, which were promptly decimated by deer. I replaced them with ‘Standing Ovation’ Little Bluestem grasses, as I reported in this post.

For winter I added a few artificial pieces for a bit of color to the pots. That’s it for “holiday” decorations in my back yard.

This photo was shot looking up from one of the Adirondack chairs on the patio. On the left is the only plant left that predates my moving here eight years ago, so I don’t know which Japanese maple it is. The ‘Osakazuki’ maple on the right is a recent addition.

Finally, here’s a real do-er in any garden, including this bit of city property I’ve adopted, not far from my house. It’s an ‘Ogon’ Spirea, which I can’t seem to get enough of, since I’ve planted them in all the gardens I tend. It’s the first to leaf out in spring and the last to lose leaves in the fall. Eye-catching in three seasons.

Fall Foliage in my Former, Larger Garden

It’s only with the introduction of more shrubs and small trees, especially the ones that have great fall color, that my newish (8-year-old) garden has finally won me over.

So I’m happy gardener again, after leaving the view above in Takoma Park, MD. My long back garden sloped down into a large wooded valley with a creek at the bottom. On moving day one of the crew stood on the deck, looked at this view and said, “How could you leave this?” And that was in December.

But I’m over it. Really!