The Manscaper design/install team starring in “Backyard Envy”

Gardeners, especially garden bloggers, have long complained about the dearth of gardening shows on TV, and I had little hope for “Backyard Envy,” the new garden make-over show on Bravo.

But to my own amazement, after watching its debut episode last week I’m a fan! “Backyard Envy” shows us real clients and the real gardens they’re paying to have created over however many weeks or months it takes, not phony two-day outdoor decorating jobs.

And the gardens being created on the show are fabulous! Which is no surprise when you learn about the very talented and successful team doing the creating. Like  James DeSantis, profiled recently the the New York Times.

Then there’s Melissa Brasier, my favorite because she’s a girl, dammit, who happens to be the head of construction for the firm. Before that, she toured as a dancer with Alvin Ailey, then studied interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she met her current business partners.

Now for the gardens! The show will make you wait for the big reveal at the end, but I won’t – thanks to screen shots of Episode 1.

A couple in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of NYC wanted their rooftop to look like a meadow. I might nit-pick about the use of that term, but not the result.

There are more before/after shots of the rooftop “meadow” here.

The clients also wanted their terrace to be turned into a fabulous outdoor space.

Above, another view of their terrace. The bill for both spaces was $38,000.

Above, the suburban clients in Episode 1 had an unusable hillside along a pond turned into an outdoor living room. Here’s the trailer for this make-over.

My only complaint about the show? It’s a reality show! Fortunately not of the “Real Housewives” variety but still, we don’t get to hear these smart and interesting people talk about the job at hand, which might actually be instructive. Instead, we hear boring chit-chat as they interact simply as personalities.

So don’t expect to learn much about design or anything about gardening, but for inspiration and eye candy, “Backyard Envy” is a delight.

Now for go watch yourself. Here’s the schedule, or just watch on the Bravo website, and tell us what YOU think.