Wandering around Pittsburgh I came upon this fabulous mural depicting cherry blossoms in bloom and a charming collection of old homes.  It was off the beaten track, enlivening not a park but the parking lot for a neighborhood restaurant.

Stunning cherry blossom mural on wall in Pittsburgh


How does something so wonderful get done, anyway?  By an organization called the Sprout Fund, with money from some local sources, and with lots of hard work by a few earnest believers in public art, I’ll bet.

Well, I’m a believer, too, and I’ve been asking all over town about the possibility of having murals in a few ugly but prominent spots in the heart of town. Literally everyone I’ve asked about it – except one artist – dismissed the idea as impractical because, as we all know, they’d just be vandalized.

So, Pittsburgh can have murals but my small town in Maryland can’t?  Washington, D.C. has murals all over town, but we can’t?

You see how my rant goes.  But that one artist who didn’t dismiss the idea LOVES it and has, with her experienced fund-raiser of a husband, volunteered to take it on as a project.  So maybe a year from now I’ll have something lovely like this to show off from my very own neighborhood.

Readers, do you know of murals in your town that have been spared by vandals?  Do tell us how it was done.