American flag in garden

Happy Independence Day, Americans!  Have fun, stay safe, et cetera.

Now on to our topic – flags in the garden and their impact on others.  Take my neighbor’s Old Glory above, hanging on the privacy screen between our townhouse gardens.  Like it or not – and for holidays I kinda like it there – it’s a dominant feature in my own garden and from my porch.

American peace flag in Takoma Park, Md.

Above, another version of the American flag, hanging from the front porch of my old home, in a wildly anti-war neighborhood.  It’s been in storage since I moved.

Prayer flags in garden

The flags I’m inflicting on neighbors these days are of the Tibetan prayer variety.  Above, they’re faded and tattered and people seem to like them.

Below,  brand-new flags with their bold primary colors are nobody’s favorite, but I promise my neighbors they’ll fade soon.  (Note to flag-makers:  How about  making them in more than one set of colors?)

Prayer flags in garden

Above, what neighbors and visitors see from the parking lot.  If they don’t like them, sorry!