Breaking: the Obama girls will attend Sidwell Friends School in D.C.  With a name like that you know it’s rooted in good Quaker values, but did you know it also has the best green cred in town?  From its website:

The Middle School Building was completed in September 2006, and was awarded a LEED Platinum rating in March 2007. It is the first K-12 school in the United States to have a LEED Platinum rating and the first LEED Platinum building in the District of Columbia. 

And from Educational Design and Construction Magazine:

Fifty-seven LEED points were awarded to the building. Sustainable initiatives include a constructed wetland, which treats and recycles waste water for grey water use in the building, resulting in a 94 percent reduction of municipal water use. The wetland is the first of its type in Washington, D.C. In addition, the wetland and green roof function as a programmatic component of the science curriculum. The Middle School houses a central energy plant, which serves other campus buildings, saving energy, operating costs and space. Energy use is further reduced by exterior sunscreens designed to balance thermal performance with optimum day lighting, and solar chimneys to enhance passive ventilation. Five percent of the overall building’s electrical demand is generated by photovoltaic panels. Reclaimed, rapidly renewable and regionally manufactured materials used in construction include exterior cladding from cedar fermentation barrels, greenheart flooring and decking from pilings in the Baltimore Harbor.

“This is absolutely intended to be a paradigm shifting facility,” says Head of School Bruce Stewart. “Sidwell Friends School hopes and believes that this will change the way children are educated across the nation and around the world.”

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