There has been a lot of bulb buzz throughout the garden blogosphere over the past month or so. I’ve seen worrying, lamenting, ridiculous hyperbole (from me), excellent advice, and step-by-step documentation. Well, today, I finally did get about 175 of my bulbs in. It took about an hour and a half. I planted hybrid tulips, species tulips, erythronium, and scilla. This is how I do the hybrids. I dig a big hole, about 6-8 inches deep and I throw them in. Then I throw dirt on top. I put 50 in each hole.

For the species, erythronium, and scilla, which I expect to perennialize, I stick a small shovel in the ground and wiggle it bath and forth. Then I throw 3-4 of the tiny bulbs in the resulting hole. These tiny flowers need to be in groups to be noticed. I feel all tulips need to be in large quantities and closely packed for the best effect. Subtlety is not a goal. I also try to be as random as possible when planting these.

So those of you who will be receiving bulbs from me this week (I just sent them) so late in the season, don’t sweat it. Throw them in a hole, cover them, and get ready to astound your neighbors in the spring.