Looks like nothing gets past the folks at Landscape Architecture Magazine. Their December issue includes  the story “Turf  Wars: Landscape vs. Law” with the subheadline “Suburban spitfires battle ticky-tacky totalitarianism”.  I love it!

Writer Linda McIntyre reports first on Project Laundry List and a clothesline battle in Oregon, then moves on to the Main Event (for us) – Jean Dickson’s infamous battle to save the shrubs in her Buffalo front yard.  McIntyre traces the story to Elizabeth (our very own urban spitfire) and readers of GardenRant and others who e-mailed the mayor to defend Jean’s viburnums and black-eyed Susans. Michele is quoted as reminding us that Jean “endured five or six visits from inspectors,” so clearly there’s still some of that spitfire energy smoldering even after he backed down.  And I opine about naturalistic front yards and my hope “that the public will become more educated about different styles of well-maintenance landscapes, especially the more environmentally responsible ones.” 

Hmm.  I said it and probably will again someday but reading it just now reminds me that there’s a fine line between stating a fact and sounding like one of those high-minded nags I steer clear of at parties.  I hope my friends will tell me gently before a full-scale intervention is needed.

Thanks, Linda, for reporting the story.  The cause is a good one – absolutely – but I bet our readers especially love the “Bloggers Buck City Hall and Win” element of the story.  High five, everybody!

In case you’re new to GardenRant and don’t know the story by heart, it starts here, and links to every exciting installment are provided at the end.