Our favorite excerpts from CNN’s recent round-up of gardening blogs: which mentions Susan and Michele’s individual blogs, before GardenRant.

In “Sign of the Shovel,” Michele Owens writes about her upstate New
York gardens (and other matters) in a distinctive and quirky voice.
Among her gardening principles, she includes “Add manure. There. That’s
all the advice you’ll get from me,” and “Advice is ridiculous if it’s
not local. It’s all about the terroir, baby.” (“Terroir” is a
winemaking term for a group of vineyards that share the soil and
climate of a small region.) She also discourses on what she’s
planted lately, why she had to give away her flock of free-range hens,
and what’s wrong with the landscape design in upscale New Jersey

Of course, there are many
other blogs that are more official and exhaustive, and less personal.
“The Inside Dirt Blog” is part of a Web site offering gardening tips
and bargains. “Takoma Gardener” is from a blogger who says she’s taking
classes and completing other requirements to become a Master Gardener.