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Anne Wareham is a British garden maker, and garden writer for newspapers and magazines. She has written three books, The Bad Tempered Gardener The Deckchair Gardener, and the continuing best seller Outwitting Squirrels. (And no, she is not Bill Adler, and yes, it is a legitimate and totally different book under a similar title).

Anne and her husband, garden photographer Charles Hawes, have made the garden Veddw over the past 33 years, with much hard labour.

And Anne has campaigned over those past 33 years for a renaissance in British gardens, focusing on encouraging serious reviews of gardens and on returning gardens to their place amongst the fine arts in British culture. To this end she has also also edited thinkingardens which has certain similarities to Garden Rant, in being challenging and provocative.  She has made herself thoroughly unpopular amongst her colleagues in the process – British gardens are popularly believed to be above criticism.

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We recently visited some friends for an amazing supper. And were touched to be told, when we admired their sitting room, that they had removed their television so that it [...]


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I think one thing many of us  share, while at the same time not sharing, is our preoccupation with the weather in the garden. Our gardens are drastically informed by [...]

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