Sure, you don’t normally see celebrity gossip on gardenblogs, but who can resist doing it when no less than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make floral news?  “Travis Kelce’s $14,000 Worth of  Valentine’s Day Gifts for  Taylor Swift Revealed” (Though maybe it’s not so abnormal on this gardenblog, since we covered Miley Cyrus’s impact on sales of flowers and President Obama’s flower-packed portrait. Yes, any plant-related hook will do.)

Reader warning – if you’re looking for snarkiness about the couple, just click away coz I’m solidly in the tank for them.

Eternity Roses

From the article we learned that:

Upon Swift’s arrival in Australia, Kelce reportedly showered her with extravagant Valentine’s Day gifts totaling nearly $14,000, according to The US Sun. Among the gifts were a stunning arrangement of 250 ‘Eternity’ roses costing $2,100, which can last up to a year if cared for properly. These roses were presented in a ‘Parisian-inspired Hat Box,’ described as a gesture of love and luxury.

If, like me, you’ve never heard of Eternity Roses, my search delivered, to my surprise, some actual plant information on the HGTV website. Okay, it’s trendy, influencer stuff, but still, about real roses. So they say:

They can last for years — yes, plural — with no water. Welcome to the magical world of forever roses. These bouquets and arrangements are quite expensive compared to fresh roses, but fresh roses only last about 12 days. These can last up to three years if you take care of them.

Eternal rose. Preserved rose. Forever rose. There are lots of names for these time-defying flowers, however, some are a bit misleading. Preserved roses do last a long time, but not infinitely. Generally, these roses will last anywhere from one to three years. Unlike pressed flowers or dried foliage, preserved roses are treated with a chemical, typically a non-toxic, silica-based solution. This technique coats the petals individually so that each rose still looks and feels like a fresh flower.

As for care? “Never water your preserved roses. Keep preserved roses out of the sun. Don’t touch preserved roses.”

One supplier boasts that “Each and every Eternity Rose, being a natural flower, is therefore exclusive. Furthermore, we have perfected the process of seamlessly layering metal onto the rose and believe we produce the finest quality gold-dipped roses in the world, without exception. All of our glazed roses also use natural flowers.

This seller on Amazon boasts that “Each immortal rose is preserved using a non-toxic, eco-friendly process. This maintains their stunning look and color for a year or longer.

Since Travis’s purchase was presented in a “Parisian-inspired Hat Box,” I googled that phrase and found these described that way. “Our eternity rose boxes are hand crafted using real roses and a luxurious gift box in a variety of colors, styles. All roses are selected from only the choicest blooms.”

MORE Floral Goodies!

The article continues:

 “Shortly after, Swift received another set of flowers valued at $2,100, featuring a vibrant hot pink arrangement. Following these floral gifts, Kelce surprised Swift with a luxurious $3,100 rose sculpture from Perigold, described as a graceful flower symbolizing infinite love.” That exact item was easy to find.  Not an actual rose but something else entirely: “The finely carved crystal rose unveils the subtlety and grace of the flower and is accentuated by the precious stem gilded in 24-karat gold or palladium, revealing its exquisite delicacy. This timeless rose, a token of everlasting love, conveys an unforgettable emotion. Each piece is created with the passion of our skilled craftsmen and numbered by hand.”

Readers, are these gifts you’d like? (Assuming the gifter has plenty of $$$)

I totally get wanting gifted flowers that last more than a week to 10 days, so the 1-to-3-year claim gets my attention. And I’m just curious, so I’d welcome a starter kit of an Eternity Rose or two.  I’d be hoping they have a fragrance, but not counting on it. 

Then what about the finely carved, delicate rose sculptures? Living as I do with two old but active cats, there’d be absolutely no safe spot in my house to put it.  It’s well known that Taylor is also a cat person, so maybe she’ll display it in the cat-proof place she keeps her 14 Grammys.