Some of us just aren’t composters. Either we don’t have the space or we don’t have the time or we don’t have the inclination.

I’d say all three of those apply to me, but the space problem is the main one. There really isn’t a hidden back area where I could maintain a compost bin, even a relatively compact enclosed spinner, which it would have to be. I live in a dense urban area, with plenty of restaurants nearby. I also like to keep as much of my limited space as ornamental as possible.

Recently, I learned that the City of Buffalo was starting curbside pick-up of food scraps and other compostables and that I would be automatically enrolled in the pilot program. I’m already a client of the Farmer Pirates, who pick up a small bucket (shown above) of scraps and garden waste every 2 weeks. It turns out that the Pirates are partnering with the city to expand this to 2,000 residents. I was paying the Pirates; I won’t have to pay the city. I’ll also have a 12-gallon rolling tote for my compostables – it’s the same size New York City has, which is one of about 90 other municipalities that do this throughout the U.S.

I think all cities should do this. We can sure use the compost and the landfills could do without all the food waste and the methane it generates. I’m sure Rant readers won’t be surprised that the climate footprint of food waste is larger than the entire aviation industry.

Will I get free compost? No. That’s fine, as I am not paying for this as I did with the Pirates.  Anyway, I don’t need much, if any,  compost. My beds are well-established, with only a few small areas getting mulched now and then. I do know that the resulting compost will be distributed by the Pirates to urban farms and community gardens.

I am a big fan of composting instead of landfilling, without question. As the Pirates always say, Rot on!