Have you noticed that when visiting a garden or even wandering through your own, what jumps out at you are the flaws? Like the errant piece of trash or the one weed in an expanse of groundcover? I’d like to think that I notice them not because they’re flaws but because they’re different from the background against which I’m seeing them.

But okay, in the case of my bird bath planter, it’s just a flaw, one that was getting worse every time I looked at it (seemingly).

How it works:  an inner pole works like an augur, which is then covered with a painted PVC wrapper.

At first, I loved my new bird bath, and proclaimed it ready for birds.  But the birds didn’t come, and it was a hassle to rise out frequently enough to prevent mosquitoes. So I turned it into a planter.

With a trailing sedum and a native grass I’ve forgotten the name of, it was a container I wouldn’t have to water very often. So it was perfect…until gravity revealed my very bad auguring job, causing the inevitable lean.

The solution? Cement! And a call to my handyman.

Now I love my little nook again. I can enjoy the simple design, the contrasting foliage colors and definitely the drought-tolerant plants, without that nagging “Damn, I’m bad at auguring!” that was poisoning my enjoyment of the view. 

(Other plants seen here are two ninebark shrubs, Sedum takesimense, and a rebloom or two of crossvine on the right.)

Do flaws jump out at you, too?

I hope it’s not just me.