I needed a respite from doom-scrolling the news, and browsing my photos of gardens in Portland, Oregon actually helped!  I was in that fair city for the GardenBlogger Fling in 2014 and this particular garden really charmed me. I don’t know the name of the gardener.  Anyone?

I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself eight years later with painted columns and hanging beads and other ornaments. 

Just-installed and painted columns in my Greenbelt, Md. front garden. Sept. 2020.

But back to Portland. Shots above and below just hint at the garden of former NPR-reporter Ketzel Levine.  We’d connected through this blog and she’d visited me in my former garden.

She really made the most of a small front yard – so private! (We’ll assume those bamboos are contained somehow.) And what a great use of color.

I don’t know whose gardens these next ones are but on the theme of color, I love all their choices.

Above, this mosaic between the street and sidewalk is kinda famous, so I bet someone can tell me whom I should credit.
UPDATE:  Mosaic by Jeffrey Bale.

You don’t see this every day.

When perennial beds are done well, like the one above, I get jealous and decide to start one of my own. Frustration and failure soon follow, and linger.

This front garden is such a gift to the neighborhood.

As great as front gardens can be, especially in Portland, it takes a private backyard to create a space as artful and calming as this one.