Thank you, cannabis growers and houseplant collectors. I’m going to assume that it must be in part due to the increasing popularity—well, explosion— of this type of gardening that we now have such a great selection of grow light options.

I considered a basement seedling operation about 15 years ago, with the usual fluorescent shop light set-up. The idea quickly faded; our basement just isn’t an enjoyable place to be, and I knew there would be neglect. I’ve seen similar set-ups at friends’ houses; they’re all productive and they all look like the basement is where they belong. But that’s just one option now, and it seems to be losing popularity.

These days, there are really quite presentable and equally functional free-standing, shelf-centered operations;  small tabletop growing stations; and some cute lights that can be attached to anything. I could use most of these in almost any room of the house. I just received some VOGEK full spectrum LEDs (shown above) that are kinda snazzy. Now, if I was crazy enough to fill our tall Victorian—with several rooms that are completely deprived of light—with plants, I absolutely could.  I won’t, but I am thinking of trying this 4-light clip-on with some seedlings later in the new year.

Even for those who don’t want to deal with seedlings (and I’m not sure I do), some of the grow lights now are attractive enough to provide accent lighting as well as plant sustenance over the dark days of winter. And you don’t have to go find your city’s one hydroponic store to buy them. These are gift shop items now. I suppose having to endure the term “plant parent” is a small price to pay.