Looking for inspiration and information? Catch a glimpse of Kentucky’s Secret Gardens.

Author Tavia Cathcart Brown hosts the documentary, sponsored by Kentucky Education Television (KET). I was flattered to be included in a small piece of the first round of Kentucky’s Secret Gardens, and I enjoyed the show more than I had imagined. Videographer and Co-Producer Frank Simkonis shot some beautiful footage. The drone shots of the prairie are way cool.

As soon as I walk into a garden I can tell if it is loved or not. I’m partial to gardens that are tended hands on. Passionate and committed gardeners have created vastly different Kentucky Secret Gardens. See for yourselves.

I’ve never been to these Kentucky secret gardens. (Where have I been?) I’m ready to pack the car for a road trip to Woodford County, Lexington, Newport, Berea, Eubanks and Louisville. I’d love to visit them all.

The program held my attention from beginning to end. Rose enjoyed it, too, but thought that, clocking in a little shy of one and half hours, it should have been divided into two or three segments. You can tape the show, if you’re in KET’s range or stream it from anywhere. There’s a good chance, based on early feedback that the success of the documentary might lead to a series of half-hour shows. I am all for that, as there is no shortage of beautiful Kentucky gardens.

The documentary is dedicated to the best-selling author and secret gardener Sue Grafton who passed away during the production of Kentucky’s Secret Gardens.

There’s much more to see on Kentucky’s Secret Gardens.

(You can cue the segment on our two-acre Salvisa prairie at 40 minutes.)

Tune in.

Photos courtesy of Kentucky Educational Television