Water Right’s olive hose v. standard green hoses

A big “thank you” to Margaret Roach for recommending a garden hose that’s unlike the many hoses I’ve used and hated over my lifetime of using them.  Even (especially!) the so-called “never kink” variety, which have kinked for me as soon as a month after purchase.  Hated them.  Hated watering. Also, hated the LOOK of them strewn across my garden in eye-popping near-neon green.

Until Water Right.  Let me list its many awesome features, all points that Margaret made on her podcast and in more detail on A Way to Garden.

Weight.  The 50-foot length weighs just 3 pounds.  That’s versus 11.6 pounds for a 50-foot Craftsman brand.  The difference is so big, I was shocked when I first lifted one.  Imagine just flinging the the hose to wherever you need it in one motion.

Color.  Water Right hoses come in a variety of colors, like eggplant, but I want a hose to be unseen, and their olive color achieves that.  I’ve never understood why hose manufacturers choose the hideous colors they use, as if we want attention drawn to them?

Really, no Kinking. You can’t even force it to kink.

Even drinking-water safe.   It’s made of polyurethane, not the traditional leaching PVC.

And Made in America.  In good old Oregon.

There’s more – read about the it here.

The Downside: Cost.  Aptly called a “premium hose,” the 50-footer costs $60.  By comparison, 50-foot hoses at one big box ranged from $10 to $55, with the “never kink” ones at least $30.  Considering my history of throwing money away on hoses that last less than a season for me, and that I hate using, I’m deliriously happy to spend the extra for a product I love and that lasts.

You and your Garden Hoses.  What’s been your experience and would YOU pay this much for a great hose?  

More about Water Right.  The inventor/owners of the company are Jeff and Katrina Thomas, shown here and profiled a bit here.   Kudos to them!   (And no, they’re not paying me to endorse them and I even paid for my own hose.)