Last year, we posted about this fancy rubber rake from Clarington Forge.  Those people make all kinds of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime garden tools, many of them hand-forged by actual British people.

But the rake in particular is really something amazing.  You see, it has rubber tines, which means that it’s a little extra grabby in the garden, but more importantly, it’s utterly silent when you rake it across pavement.

This is not a big issue for me, because I just don’t rake stuff off my pavement much, even when there’s something there that needs raking.  But it is a huge deal for Friend of Rant Genevieve Schmidt, who is a professional garden designer/installer.  Her crew shows up first thing in the morning and gets right to work, and the ability to work quietly in case the client is trying to sleep or work or whatever?  Really, really nice.

We love it.  We are painfully, dreadfully, shamefully in love with the rake.

So now we’ve had these rakes for a while and we’ve really put them to the test.  Gen has actually used hers so much that she’s worn the rubber right down and replaced the tines.  That’s the whole point, you understand–the rubber is supposed to wear and get replaced.

She reports that it’s very easy to unscrew the base of the rake and slip in the new tines, and she even provides this photo to show how much wear the rake got before its upgrade:


So!  Guess what?  The nice people at Clarington have come back to us and offered to give away yet another rake to some rakish GardenRant reader.  Just post a comment below and tell us why you absolutely must have a Wizard (that’s the larger one) or a Merlin (that’s the smaller one).

And if you’re feeling doubly enthusiastic about the whole thing, head over to Gen’s blog, where she’s also giving away a rake, and enter again.  Why not?