Timber Press managed to do the impossible and get thirty gardeners to each stop what they were doing all at once and sit down and write something about why they garden.  The result is this little essay collection, THE ROOTS OF MY OBSESSION:  Thirty Great Gardeners Reveal Why They Garden.  (Hey!  Just in time for the holidays!  How ’bout that?)  Oh, and a portion of the proceeds are getting donated to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

We’re giving two copies away–just post a comment and say something clever about why you garden.  Here are a few excerpts to get you going.

From Tony Avent:

Just as a computer comes with certain pre-installed programs, I was born with a fully functional 7.0 horticultural operating system, along with some specialized apps like an obsessive personality, an overactive imagination, an overly logical brain, and a touch of ADD.

From Tovah Martin:

When I went to work at Logee’s Greenhouses, the world shrank around me. There was nothing beyond the splash of hoses, the hum of fans, the vines snarling my hair, and the thwack of a bird throwing itself against the greenhouse glass in a desperate effort to get free after it had squeezed through the vents. I was definitely not that bird.

and from Dan Hinkley:

“Objection, your honor,” the attorney protested.  “The defense does not believe that the existence of a C melody saxophone in the defendant’s former possession can in any way resolve the validity of the state’s preposterous claim that gardening, to the accused, has somehow been simply a matter of avaricious expediency.”

You’ll have to read the book to find out how that court case turns out.

Oh, and I’ve got an essay in there, too.

Anyway, post your comments, say something clever, and win a copy.