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Welcome to Garden Rant 2.0—and a word about garden blogging

Finally. We’ve moved over to a platform that gives us more flexibility, more options, and goes a bit beyond our former traditional blog set-up. We’ve got pages that focus on science, growing food, drinks, reviews, videos, and more. We think we’ve got a more dynamic look, and we’ve got a rotating array of feeds from other garden-related sites, in case you get bored with us.

But none of this means anything unless the following question can be answered in the affirmative: Is garden blogging still viable?  It came up during the Asheville garden bloggers gathering. I did not attend the post-dinner discussion during which this question was asked (I was cocktailing with a few like-minded souls, if you must know), but I heard about it later on. It seemed like some bloggers were still raring to go and a few others were suffering from battle fatigue.

Many of us have been thinking about this, well before Asheville. With the increasing use of other social media platforms—and we all know what those are—who has time for comparatively long-form online media like blogs? When you can just look at a snappy image with a clever tagline and click “like,” why take the time to read and comment on a blog post? Our time is precious. Most of us would rather be out in the garden if at all possible, so time spent looking at a screen in off-work daytime hours must be kept to a minimum.

And yet. You can’t really express what it’s like to save your chickens from a predator attack, confess how you totally failed to grow potatoes in bags, or explain how to maintain a David Austin rose in 140 characters. If a blog post of 200-300 words is too long for people to absorb these days, then I regret that. I also refuse to believe it.

With this new format, we the writers of Garden Rant reaffirm our commitment to garden blogging. How about you?

PS–I am told the site is still importing (techies call it propagating)–so if you encounter some bugginess and broken links today and maybe even tomorrow, that’s what is happening.

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