Jerry Baker’s Revenge – Spam!

by Susan Several times a week, every week, I get an email telling me that either Hillary, Britney, Helga, Sveta or Bush has left a comment on my old Jerry Baker post.  There’s no need to open the messages anymore because they’re always spam.  You know the kind – "I really like your site" followed […]

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Garden Coach Leaves Client in Tears

by SusanWhile reports of great publicity about garden coaches keep coming in (and they’re all compiled here), there’s this other story – a funny/sad one in the SF Chronicle about a coach who needs some coaching herself – from Miss Manners.  Writer Leah Garchik was the high bidder for...

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Amal’s Back

by Guest Essayist Ed Cullen.  Ed’s a commentator on National Public Radio’s "All Things Considered" and feature writer and columnist for the Baton Rouge Advocate. This essay is from a published collection called Letter in a Woodpile. Listen to more of Ed’s essays on the NPR site. Amal, the night...

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A Gardening Playlist

Clematis is climbing the trellis Hydrangea is burgeoning blue One sunflower is towering over the others Could it be that there’s nothing to do? —Kate Jacobs, “Hope is a Weed” While I agree with those who don’t necessarily need music playing outside while they’re gardening or just sitting in...

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Gardening Know-how as Currency -
Barter, Anyone?

by SusanOn a budget?  (A nice way of saying "cheap" or "underemployed" or, in my case, both.)  Then try bartering your gardening advice or labor for services you need.  My adventures in bartering started with my friend Dan, who’s a professional computer-guy.  In exchange for fixing my many tech...

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Website Newsletters – What do you like?

I recently mailed out the first issue of Sustainable Gardening News, then parked it on the site right here. Already I’ve received some great suggestions about it but I’m thinking:  Why not tap into the wealth of knowledge (and opinions) right here on the Rant?  I’ve been researching newsletters...

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About those Community Associations…

by Susan You know how we’re always going on about community associations that mandate turfgrass, well watered and mowed?  Well, it’s no surprise that the overwhelming majority of them also regulate or ban clotheslines, despite the environmental benefits of using them, rather than energy-hog clothes dryers.  According to this...

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In an article called (yes) “Buffalo Oasis,” published on August 26, the New York Times said the following: The weather has been inhospitable in parts of the nation this summer. In July, the interior West sizzled under a spell of extreme heat, with Montana, Idaho and Wyoming recording their...

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Close, Personal Friend of GardenRant Explains it All – Live at Noon Monday

We usually read about Jeff Goodell as the shadowy figure in Michele’s garden, even as a foil to her obsession, but today’s Washington Post reminds us of what he’s up to when he’s not playing Whiffle Ball.  Thanks, Jeff, for explaining the whole COAL thing so clearly.  Here’s Jeff’s...

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Carbon Calculations in the Garden

Okay, so let’s all Eat Local! But just as consumers here and in Europe are gearing up to restrict their buying to local sources, New Zealanders are asserting that their lamb is produced so much more efficiently than European lamb, its carbon footprint is smaller even after shipping.  Ditto...

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The New Homo Sapien?

This front-page Washington Post story, subtitled "Many Adults Worry Nature is Disappearing From Children’s Lives," expands on our recent rantings about people not spending time outdoors.  I found it heart-breaking – like the finding that children ages 8 to 18 average 6.5 hours DAILY indoors using their electronics devices. ...

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Tools for Urban Greening

New York Times nature writer and blogger Richard Conniff recently took note of an interesting milestone – the finding by the U.N. that as of May 23 of this year, the world’s population is no longer predominantly rural but urban – and went on to list some pretty compelling...

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*Awards (grunt),
What are they good for?

This past Saturday my little town had a really fun party with lots of pizza and schmoozing, the evening culminating in the presentation of the coveted Azalea Awards.   As an award show it was a total hoot.  The funky local band accompanied winners on their journey through the auditorium...

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More danger from flowers—and to a favorite flowering tree

Well, duh on me. This week I’ve been researching Lilium longflorum (Easter lily) to find out what, if anything, might be happening to cause the loss of fragrance I’d noticed in the plants so ubiquitous now in supermarkets. (I wonder what they do with the leftovers on Easter Monday?)...

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A BIG Thumbs-Up for

It seemed that everywhere I looked there were press releases promoting the kick-off event for an organic lawn organization - on the Mall in Washington!  You know, just like the Million Man March and countless other events that made history.  Trouble is, the Mall’s a pretty big place, so...

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Music in the Garden – a Year Later

MUSIC WHILE BLOGGINGNow sitting at the computer is something else again.  Yes, I could just stick a CD in my E drive and listen, if I owned any CDs I actually want to listen to. Since I don’t, I’ve been listening to XM Radio via the Internet – until...

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Can we all bloom along?

America’s been in bloom since 2001. Buffalo’s been in bloom since 1995. So has Canada. Britain’s been in bloom since 1963, though perhaps not continuously. From individual cities to regions to entire countries, various "in bloom" programs, sometimes connected to a larger program, sometimes not, employ contests and other...

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Landscape by Jude Law

We’ve been anticipating "Breaking and Entering," with Jude Law’s performance as a gardener (well, landscape architect, close enough for our purposes), and I can finally report that: It’s Jude Law.  Isn’t that enough?  Actually, it’s also Anthony Minghella (English Patient, Cold Mountain), Robin Wright Penn, an amazing Juliette Binoche...

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Dogs and their Gardens

A reader asked this question of Washington Post Green Scene writer Joel Lerner: We have two large dogs that have torn up the lawn in our back yard.  It is fairly shady.  Can you suggest something that can withstand these conditions? And here’s Lerner’s tough-love answer: Turf won’t thrive...

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What Blogging Mistakes are YOU Making?

If, like me, you have too much time on my hands, you’ve probably already found Jakob Nielsen, who’s written quite a bit about site and blog design and ways to write effectively for the Internet.  Check out his Top 10 Blogging Mistakes and let’s discuss among ourselves, okay?  Me,...

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