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I like stick-and-ball games as much as anybody else. Leaving the ball out entirely and just using the stick has panache, but bumps the odds of either an arrest or a visit to the hospital. Or both. Golf is unique among stick and ball games. Why? It has holes, where other stick-and-ball games only have […]

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Blogging to Glory

Garden bloggers have some moments of glory, I suppose.  It’s nice to have your blog cited for Best Writing or what-not in the occasional contest.  And some garden bloggers have been noticed by book publishers and years later and for almost no money, seen their names on the covers of actual books. ...

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Okay, I Love Columbus!

Invited to visit Columbus during its really big gardening trade show and then shown a fabulous time in their clean, beautiful city, how could I not write good things about it? I’d never taken part in a “press junket” before and planned to decline them – if ever asked...

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Got Gnomes?

A great ad goes viral. For some reason it won’t embed,  so click here to watch. Via Jane Milliman.

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Next in the Competitive Woods-Walking Event

Michele’s recent post about walking in the woods made me miss my own woodland path just a bit – the one that started IN my garden, the one I walked for 26 years.   But then I looked around at the woods near me now and, as I boasted on...

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Potted dog, anyone?

Photo credit.   Via Cute Overload.

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Where Laundry is Garden Art

As reported here a few years back, a group called Project Laundry List is hard at work defending our  Right to Dry.  And since most of us grew up with indoor drying, they have to start with some public education – like their Top Ten Reasons to Line-Dry. Project Laundry List would surely...

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Philadelphia Flower Show goes Hawaiian

The largest and oldest flower show in the U.S., the Philly Flower Show is a always grand, but especially this year (to this visitor) because it brought the lushness of Hawaii to green-deprived Easterners.  Starting with this 30-foot waterfall festooned with orchids and Anthuriums. Below, don’t try this at...

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Wildlife Habitat Communities are great for wildlife and people, too.

Now this may surprise long-time readers, if they  remember my taking the National Wildlife Federation to task for its anti-gardening rhetoric.  And then there was the time I posted about the NWF focus-grouping the notion of partnering with Scotts Miracle-Gro.   But today I'm cheerleading for their Wildlife Habitat Community...

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Walden Pond in Winter

 Speaking of independent garden centers, blogger Layanee DeMerchant visited Walden Pond just so she could show it to readers of the Mahoney's Garden Center blog. And why not Rant-readers, too?  Here's "Visiting Walden Pond in Winter."

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Ed Begley on Losing the Lawn, telling Half the Story

I don't blame Begley for this omission – he had to make a compelling case in 200 words or so.  So his contribution to Twelve Things the World Should Toss Out in the Washington Post is to boast about having ripped out his lawn and replaced it with California...

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Suzy Bales, Organic Gardening’s Best Spokesperson?

Now that I've gotten the attention of the fans of Mike McGrath, Paul James and a bunch of other evangelists for organic gardening, let me explain. Seeing her wow Maryland's Hardy Garden Club, a lovely group of women I'll simply describe as not the granola crowd, convinced me that...

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Sustainable and Urban Gardening News
January 2010

GardenRant edition.  The whole newsletter is here. Urban Gardening on the Web Chicago's Mayor Daley pushes green roofs, as reported on The Growing Edge. Does this count as urban gardening?  It's  How to Love thy Neighbor, Post-Blizzard.  Top Sustainable Food Stories of 2009 include the White House Kitchen Garden,...

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The Garden in Winter Book Giveaway

Guest Post by Suzy Bales UPDATE FROM SUZY: We have a winner! There were lots of wonderful ideas which made it hard for me to pick a winner. A big thank-you to everyone who shared there ideas. I chose Terri Whitelaw because of her combination of humor and practical...

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Support Urban Gardening – Hang out with Celebrities!

Hey, gang!  I just got word of this Exciting Opportunity – for fantasizing about a different, much wealthier and frankly hotter version of the life I actually lead.  But hey, fantasy is fun so I'm bidding on: Well, it's a tie so it looks like I'll be placing two...

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True Confession:
I gave up on worm composting

To recap the history here, I researched worm bins, saw a vermicomposting demo, and was psyched!  So I bought a compost bin and some worms from The Worm Girl and was on my way.  Or so I thought. First, the big bin took up a lot of space and...

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Making the case for wildlife in the garden, kinda

In this article, garden writer/garden designer Joel Lerner does a great job of encouraging us to plant a variety of wildlife-feeding plants, provide water, and building materials, and even reduce the size of our lawns.  He covers birds, bees, toads, frogs, and the mosquito-eating capacity of bats.  And sure,...

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Worm composting in New York City: “It’s disgusting and you’re absolutely crazy”

In today's New York Times you'll find the most unlikely of articles – about worm composting right there in the Big Apple – and that quote refers to the practice of keeping a vermicomposting bin under one's bed.  Which I can kind of relate to – the disgusting part, that...

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World Famous Lawn Rangers in Inaugural Spotlight

In case you missed this important inauguration-related story, chosen from among the thousands of groups applying for the privilege to march in the parade that day were the self-styled World Famous Lawn Rangers of Amazing Arcola, Illinois.  Motto: "You're only young once but you can always be immature."  And what...

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Green Gardener Guides Go to…

When Joe Lamp'l told us why he wrote his Green Gardener's Guide and offered a freebie to someone who needs it, you all nominated yourselves or your clueless neighbors, and I randomly chose JEN from that bunch.  We hope she'll read it and then carry the message by sticking...

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