Pam's kids loved their lawnless front yard.

Want your kids to play outside? Rip out the lawn!

Guest Rant by Pam Penick Lawns are for kids, right? After all, they need that big, green carpet to enjoy the outdoors. Would it be an exaggeration to say it borders on neglect not to keep a lawn for your children or grandchildren to play on? Some people think so. In a recent article in […]

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Why I would be kicked out of a community garden

As a fellow online writer—who happens to be called Elizabeth Licata—says, “There’s no drama like community garden drama.” We’ve written a lot about community gardens here, including stories on gardens under threat by utility companies, gardens embroiled in internal politics (fueled by alcohol), and community gardens that have been...

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Japanese beetle traps—a reconsideration

To trap or not to trap? That is the million roses question, isn’t it?  Conventional wisdom holds that the use of Japanese beetle-specific traps will increase beetle damage on plants adjacent to the trap sites. You can find that “wisdom” repeated everywhere—on extension articles, Internet blogs, over and over, accepted and...

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Hey, Mayor Bloomberg! Here’s Your New Compost Plan

You may have read that Mayor Bloomberg has a new food scrap composting plan for New York City.  It works just the same way suburban food scrap programs do:  everybody gets a new bin, everybody has to take another step when they separate their trash, everybody has to haul...

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Crimes and Ethical Dilemmas in the News

Two items in Sunday’s papers caught my interest, and possibly yours.  “Metro edict choking Phantom Planter’s blooms” in the Washington Post really warmed my heart – except for the part about Metro.  Part-time lawyer Henry Doctor has been planting flowering plants in the 176 otherwise abandoned little planters along...

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I Wish They All Could Be California Flowers

  tulip image via Shutterstock Hey, good news!  Pesticide use on California-grown cut flowers is way down over the last decade, according to this report from UC.  California has required farms to file monthly pesticide use reports since 1990, and since 2001 those reports have been more crop-specific, making...

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What’s New and Old at Longwood Gardens

On my way to  David Culp’s garden I naturally stopped at Longwood Gardens, which I somehow hadn’t visited in at least a decade.  So, what’s new? Treehouses! Three of them, and they’re grand like this one or smaller and funky.  Love ‘em! Above and below are the much newer...

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Cats in the Garden – Solutions Only

Cat-loving readers will no doubt remember our recent dust-up over the issue of cats in the garden.  That post was prompted by a cat-in-garden photo illustrating a magazine piece about wildlife-friendly gardens – a strange juxtaposition, at least to my eyes. Well, I was happy to notice Horticulture Magazine...

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Plant Ideas Needed for Biodiverse Lawn

by Lawn  Reform Coalition Member Tom Christopher Like other members of the Lawn Reform Coalition, I believe that the contemporary model of lawn has got to go. It does have its virtues, though we critics tend to overlook them. For example, traditional lawn provides a relatively inexpensive and easy...

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OG Mag on Wildlife-Friendly Gardens: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

As a big fan of Organic Gardening Magazine, I take no pleasure in expressing my shock surprise at seeing this photo illustrating an otherwise wonderful article about growing wildlife-friendly gardens.  The caption on the right says “Orange Boy watches wildlife from the front porch.” I don’t imagine he just...

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The Travels and Trials of Plant Explorer Panayoti Kelaides

It’s only thanks to Tony Avent’s latest catalog cover that I knew that of the existence of Panayoti Kelaidis – he appears there just to the right of the Ranters.  I didn’t know him as a famous plant collector/explorer who’s put the Denver Botanic Gardens on the map, but...

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When Master Gardeners Break the Rule and say they’re Master Gardeners

Not long ago we had a lively discussions here (145 comments!) in answer to the question:  What do we think of Master Gardeners?“  Much of the criticism of the MG program was focused on the name, and several commenters opined that “Extension Volunteer” would be more accurate and cause...

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Sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll—and gardening

Did you read about that wacky garden club on New York’s Roosevelt Island? Things have gone sadly awry at the tiny East River island’s Garden Club, according to a recent New York Times story. The 120-plot community garden is located in Octagon Park and run by a volunteer board....

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Frogs—the horror!

“I’m petrified of the little creatures,” said Marinaccio, 65. Today’s headline story (online) of the Buffalo News caught my eye. It’s the strangest I’ve seen there for some time. The basis of a landowner’s suit against a local developer and the town of Clarence, N.Y., where he lives, is...

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So, what do we think of “Master Gardeners”?

Recently there was a lively garden-writer discussion on Facebook that began with this question:  “I’m a member of several professional garden groups and a recurring theme that comes up is anti-master gardeners. Why?” Boy-oh-boy, did people have answers.  One opined that Master Gardeners represent a “stale and stagnant status...

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How to Teach a Town to Garden – Ideas, Please!

The Mission To turn my mostly-lawn community of 1,600 townhouses, some with incredibly large yards, into a place with gardens that benefit the environment and humans, too.   We do have large trees and lots of geometrically shaped hedges, but that’s about it, except for the houses on the perimeter...

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In defense of garden cats

As a gardening veterinarian, I feel obligated to defend our feline friends against the recent onslaught of poor publicity directed towards them.  I’m referring of course, to news reports that stem from a January 29, 2013 article by Scott Loss, et al in Nature Communications, titled “The impact of free-ranging...

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Unsurprising, but still sad

A few years ago, I was offered about ten years worth of Garden Design magazines if I paid for the postage to get them to me. The two boxes came and I put them in a closet, intending at some point to unpack and shelve them somewhere I could...

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The cat problem

And no, it’s not that there are two many pictures of them on Facebook. (There are, but that’s a discussion for another time.)  My husband and I have owned cats for over twenty years (2 different ones); they’ve always been kept inside, although the first one was briefly allowed...

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All maples are not created equal—especially when they’re on a $20 bill

As a gardener who has suffered under the shade and roots of three (3) Norway maples planted inextricably in the easeway fronting my house, I can sympathize with those who are distressed about a Norway maple leaf being enshrined forever on the new Canadian currency. It was supposed to...

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