Dead trees! Killer compost! Thanks to DuPont and their herbicide Imprelis.

Boy, this sounds familiar.  A new chemical that's claimed to safely kill dandelions and other turfgrass weeds turns out to be not safe at all.  This time the unintended consequence is killing nearby trees.  We heard from Mother Earth News about it, asking us to spread the word that: Conifer trees near lawns treated with […]

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Lawn Reform Blog is Born!

 Standard-issue "lawn care" information is OUT.  Lawn reform information is not only IN, it's important, dammit.  So 15 months ago the Lawn Reform Coalition launched a website filled with alternatives to the conventional, overly perfect and supersized American lawn.  Next came our Facebook page, which quickly grew to over...

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An Appalling Waste of Horticultural And Scientific Talent? You Betcha

Turf without management I hate to be shockable at 50–it's unseemly–but I was doing some research yesterday and was shocked to learn that Colorado State University has an entire degree program devoted to "turf management." This program is taught by actual Ph.D.s.  It leads to glorious management careers, the...

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New York bans phosphorus? Huh?

Algae in Lake Erie. Courtesy of the Ohio Sierra Club. For a state government that is generally immobilized under the weight of its own bureaucracy, inefficiency, and stupidity, the crew in Albany have shown a certain activism when it comes to horticultural regulations. I was taken by surprise when...

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In the Washington Post: “Toss the turf.”

There's a great story by Adrian Higgins in today's Washington Post titled "Lose the Lawn" – and look at it on the cover of their Local Living section!  Here's the introductory story, in which Higgins weighs in with his own conclusion on the subject:  "Toss the turf."  (As if...

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Good News – Campus Lawns are Controversial!

We knew this was coming – the great lawns of college campuses are being challenging on environmental grounds.  As Mark Hough, Duke's landscape architect, says in a recent issue of Landscape Archiecture Magazine, "Everyone now knows that high-maintenance turf must be questioned."  And "The use of lawn is being...

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I Can’t Believe We’re Even Having This Conversation.

  Actual words used on GardenRant to talk about what people do with their front yards: "Practically no one wants a meadow out their front door." "A meadow in a suburban development looks suspiciously like a weedy, unkempt yard at an abandoned property.  Neighbors are not amused." "Mowing requires...

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Do people really want meadows on their quarter-acre lots?

All the talk about meadows we're hearing these days is great, but let's get real – practically no one wants a meadow out their front door.  Or out their back door.  Or anywhere they have to walk through.  Which kinda leaves the back 40 for real meadows, or at...

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Big Lawn Reform Update

Saxon Holt, photographer of meadows, grasses, lawn alternatives and sustainable gardens of all types, has joined us.  We are now 10. We have a Facebook Page, y'all, so click here to "Like" us and follow what's happening.  If you're one of the hundreds who joined our Facebook Group, sorry...

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Lawn update – the good, bad and just less of it

Lawn in the News "Study shows that Lawns May Contribute to Global Warming" say the headlines, but the study actually confirms what we all knew – that conventional lawn care is the culprit, not really the turfgrass itself. Findings are summarized in UC Irvine Today: Turfgrass lawns help remove...

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Anti-Lawn Nazis Should Call Off the Blitzkrieg

Guest Rant by Frank Hyman   You can’t have read about gardening for the last 5-10 years and missed the stories about how lawns have  gone from being a symbol of the American Dream to becoming the nightmarish instrument of the corporate horticulture industry. What had been the greenest portion...

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“A Chemical Reaction” Makes the Case

You may remember my plea to help get this anti-pesticide documentary seen.  Well, that was before I’d seen it myself and now that I have, I can recommend it not just for its powerful message but for the fascinating person at its core. Here’s a blurb from the movie’s...

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Weigh in on draft of “Lawn Care We Like”

Update: Since our launch a week ago, the Lawn Reform conspirators have been encouraged by the flood of support, complete with suggested links to more good resources for our website.  But as if to highlight the need for what we’re creating, we’ve also seen a bunch of out-dated articles...

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Lawn Reform Coalition Launches!
Plus Meadow Garden Book Giveaway

 Drumroll, please.  After two months of long-distance scheming, the Lawn Reform Coalition, a new campaign to change the American Lawn, launches today.  We're about getting practical solutions to homeowners, government and businesses about 3 increasingly important subjects: How to care for existing lawns in a natural way that doesn't...

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Plugging Lawn Reform at the American Hort Society

I'd call this post "Rant on the Road" but Alexandria, VA is less than an hour away, so hardly counts.  But I AM actually speaking – promoting lawn replacement plants and healthy care of existing lawn with a photo-packed PowerPoint.  Also speaking?  Our old friend Brent Heath of Brent&Becky's...

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