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Two Great Events You Can Attend

On June 29 the Slow Flower Summit is happening in Washington, D.C.! The website tells us: Developed and produced by Debra Prinzing and Slow Flowers LLC, this one-day event is designed to celebrate American Flowers Week and bring together creatives, thought leaders and change agents with a lecture series featuring leading voices in the progressive American-grown floral community. The Summit began […]

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Container rules are meant to follow, bend, or break

In a recent column, Washington Post gardening columnist Adrian Higgins addressed the long-hallowed “thriller/filler/spiller” theory of container gardening. He defended it and debunked it at the same time, which seems right to me. While it’s true that the drama of a tall plant is heightened by contrasting plants that...

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Kentucky’s Secret Gardens

Looking for inspiration and information? Catch a glimpse of Kentucky’s Secret Gardens. Author Tavia Cathcart Brown hosts the documentary, sponsored by Kentucky Education Television (KET). I was flattered to be included in a small piece of the first round of Kentucky’s Secret Gardens, and I enjoyed the show more...

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Making Gardens Safer from Ticks: No More Wildlife Gardening

I recently wrote about how gardeners freaked out about Lyme Disease are supposed to dress for gardening. It’s NOT a pretty picture and to prove that I’ll be posing for a shot of me in near-hazmat attire, ready to tackle a few gardening chores in my garden. Today we explore the...

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Lawn culture is the problem, not lawns

And lawn culture is still very much an issue. Otherwise, why would garden centers still be selling so much weed ‘n’ feed? I know from online discussions I see regularly, with gardening a hot Facebook topic every spring and summer here, that people still have lawns and don’t feel...

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Gardening For Health!

I remember a day in April of 2003. It was one of those mythic, glorious spring days that sporadically show up between late freezes and tornadoes here in Ohio. And it was one to behold. Perfect. Most importantly, it was the first of such days that year. Truly “the...

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Obama in the Garden

Just when I thought I couldn’t miss Obama any more than I do, I see this shot of him looking soooo happy to be in the Rose Garden on a beautiful day. Here’s the other favorite shot of White House photographer Pete Souza showing Obama in his garden. Sigh....

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Perennial Fun in Raleigh This Summer

I love the Perennial Plant Association’s (PPA) summer meetings. I’ve only missed a handful over thirty-five year. The PPA will meet this summer in Raleigh, NC from July 30th—August 3rd.  Fergus Garret, Head Gardener at Great Dixter will be a keynote speaker. He’s good. If you don’t believe me,...

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Posted by on May 11, 2018 at 4:35 pm

Fantasy Forest

  Every neighborhood needs a microforest. The ingredients require a passionate, knowledgeable conductor, committed volunteers and a patch of land. Curious children, nurtured by good teachers and mentors, will come running. Connie May is the Fantasy Forest conductor. Connie was the wildflower propagator at the beloved (former) Shooting Star...

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Austin: ten years later and even better

More than 90 garden bloggers got together for three days of garden touring in Austin last weekend. It is a return to the first such get-together, which took place in April, 2008. I was one of those Austin, 2008 bloggers, organized a similar weekend in Buffalo in 2010, and...

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Backyard Carbon Farming

If there was a twelve step program for gardeners like me, I would begin each session of course by introducing myself to the room and then admit to my addiction:  I love the look of a freshly dug and raked bed.  The fine, brown loam, all the clods broken...

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Posted by on May 7, 2018 at 8:52 am

New Look for Gardeners Freaked out about Lyme Disease

News about the rapid spread of tick-borne diseases, especially the life-changing-if not-treated-in-time Lyme Disease, has me so freaked out that I’m now afraid to tend my garden, much less take a walk in the woods. I won’t stop gardening, but at least for my peace of mind I’m determined...

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Mowing down the myth of high-maintenance lawns

Apparently I am not supposed to trust my own experiences. I’ve had lawns at every house I’ve  inhabited, which has been several over my more than half century above the earth. I’m baffled when I read that lawns are high maintenance, bad for the environment, and provide nothing for...

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They built a better rose map

Those of you who know more about the science of hybridization than I do are already aware that it takes up to a decade to breed a rose that has the desired combination of traits, whatever those may be. A glance at today’s New York Times tells us that...

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Liberating Design Ideas from Great Dixter

I jumped at the chance to hear Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter – undoubtedly England’s most famous garden – when the Horticultural Society of Maryland brought him to Baltimore to speak. Rush-hour traffic to get there be damned! Here’s Fergus pointing to the same view of Great...

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Posted by on April 27, 2018 at 2:43 pm

In Search of the Perfect Plant

We are all forever perched on a learning curve in the horticulture business. There’s always way more to learn than any of us will ever master – and always more room to fall than we will ever know. Which brings me, of course, to the endless quest for the...

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Not much to celebrate this Earth Day

Here’s a list that I hope future federal administrations and elected officials will keep in mind. It’s the growing roster of environmental actions that have taken place under the current presidency. Most of them are clearly aimed at limiting federal support for the environment, such as antipollution measures and...

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GardenRant Welcomes Contributors Scott and Carol

GardenRant debuted back in June of 2006 with the mission to “uproot the gardening world” and be a home to “opinionated” garden writers like founders Amy Stewart, Michele Owens and Susan Harris. Twelve years later, Amy and Michele have moved on but GardenRant continues to attract strong voices in...

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DJ Khaled Loves his Garden!

I only know about hiphop impresario DJ Khaled because of his star turn as a garden-lover in this video by the New York Times. Gazing adoringly at the plants in his garden, he says: I love you.  I love you. This is Jerusalem. I call this Jerusalem. This is so...

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Tweed Jackets: The Answer to Horticulture’s Waning Reputation?

The Problem of Looking Stupid Here’s how to look stupid: start digging a hole. Einstein, himself, would look like an idiot while digging a hole. All through history, people have needed holes, and no one has ever looked smart digging one. And no one has ever stood near a...

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