Report from the Trenches: The Fight for School Gardens and Fresh Food for Kids

Guest Rant by Gordon Clark, Project Director, Montgomery Victory Gardens   When will access to affordable, fresh, healthy food, including the ability to grow it or know the people who grow it, be recognized as a basic human right?  Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?  And in the midst of the snowballing good food movement, surely […]

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Pesticides, why?

My mother-in-law steered me to this outrageous story: California is now allowing its strawberry growers to use an all-purpose fumigant on their crops that is linked to cancer and thyroid disease–something so poisonous, it is injected into the soil only by specialists and treated areas have to be covered...

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What About Hunting?

Like many gardeners in this land-rich country, I often wake up on a weekend morning to see a graceful herd of deer grazing beside my vegetable garden, browsing my young fruit trees to a nub. I am increasingly troubled by one thought: Why aren't we shooting and eating some...

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The Winners Are…

Thanks to our commenters for your lovely stories about someone who influenced your gardening style.  I asked our guest ranter Susan Heeger to choose the two winners of her book with Jimmy Williams From Seed to Skillet.  It was a tough decision, but she settled on Laura Bell and...

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Ten Things I’m Grateful For

Tolerance from my family.  I spend a lot of time growing food, cooking food, and talking about food. While my husband and children do let me know how bored they are by my obsessions, often while helping themselves to seconds at dinner, they don't really stand in my way. ...

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My husband wants to start a vegetable garden

Always looking for answers … So? That’s what many of you reading this will be thinking, as well as “why not?” and “everybody should have a vegetable garden!” And “why is this a big deal?” And, maybe, “what’s wrong with her?” But you don’t understand. This is very much...

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Another Life-Changing Gardening Partnership

Jimmy Williams and Susan Heeger Garden Rant is a unlikely partnership that has made my life infinitely more fun. Here is another great gardening-based partnership: writer Susan Heeger, a contributing editor for Coastal Living and Martha Stewart Living, and city farmer Jimmy Williams.  Their book From Seed to Skillet...

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Banishing the Uninvited

My garden on the mulch I know that mulches are not traditionally used in vegetable gardens, but flossing, driving cars with decent gas mileage, and using Wikipedia to settle dinner-table debates are not traditional, either, and we find that stuff reasonable at this stage of human development. When considering...

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Lotsa Name Calling

Last week, I posted about the joys of experimenting with different seeds in the vegetable garden. This week, somebody tipped me off to the hair-pulling and biting surrounding the non-profit Seed Savers Exchange, a pioneering organization that recognized very early the importance of preserving the genetic diversity of our...

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Still Going Strong

No type of pundit is more annoying to me than the food "realists," people like the Freakonomics guys or this guy, who seem to know nothing about growing food and precious little about cooking or eating it either, but feel qualified to make statements like this one: First, how...

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Give Seeds A Chance

I think of my vegetable garden as one big science experiment of the kind that I was not allowed to do at home when I was ten, on account of the colossal mess I generally made. (God, adulthood is wonderful!) I'll plant a bit of the tried and true...

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Is Time Nothing in a Garden, Or Everything?

My vegetable garden, 2007 By the time I moved eight years ago, I'd made a really nice vegetable garden at my first house, backed by a lovely bed of roses and foxgloves.  A few people said to me, "Aren't you sorry to leave your garden behind?" And my feeling...

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Every Day Low Prices

The NY Times reported yesterday that Wal-Mart is going to buy more local food, as well as rate the food in its stores for sustainability.  It is really amazing, the way Wal-Mart has turned around its reputation in the last five years. And I think Wal-Mart has a chance...

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I Still Feel Rich…

Roasted vegetables from the garden: fennel, brocolli, red pepper, Red China eggplants, and red onions. Only the onions were harvested a while back.

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Not Such Hot Stuff

  Guest Post by Sandra Knauf of Greenwoman Zine I realize it's not a nice thing to complain about, with the prurient overtones and all, but I'm disappointed.  My peter peppers don't look like they are supposed to!   Go ahead and be disgusted. Judge me. I can't help...

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Dear Diary,

Of course, when you fill a 10-gallon garbage can with them, what to do with them becomes an issue of some importance. My chef friend Martha loves tomatillos because she finds that just put in a bowl on the kitchen counter, they will keep forever.  Alas, this is not...

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I’ve Seen the Future of Vegetable Consumption, And Its Name Is Cooking What You Grow

Stephen Colbert completely called it in his Congressional testimony last week. Suggesting that the obvious way to help migrant farm workers would be for Americans to stop eating fruits and vegetables, he noted, "And if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you’ll see that many Americans have already...

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Best Possible Excuse for Ruining Your Figure

'Pineapple' tomato: My favorite form of waistline suicide Drizzle a shallow pan with olive oil.  Cut ripe tomatoes in half and place them on the pan, cut side down.  Sprinkle with salt. Roast in 400 degree oven until the skins are slightly brown, about half an hour.  Let the...

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Why It’s Crazy Not to Garden

Here is the scene on my screened porch currently: Approximately $4500 worth of organic heirloom tomatoes, plus a fortune in organic exotic potato varieties, onions, and patty pans.  We're not even counting the basil going into pesto, the tomatoes I've already processed, the pumpkin I sent home with my...

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The Health Care Plan Promotes A Modern Garden Health Initiative

Here's a guest rant from Shawna Coronado that was originally intended for our guest rant period, but wasn't controversial enough. Stop whining about Obama’s Health Care Plan. Seriously. Even after the plan has been passed, I hear nothing but complaints about how no one believes in changing what we have....

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