Grafted Tomato Update

Throughout the summer I've been reporting on the grafted tomatoes, called Mighty Matos, that Log House Plants sent me to try out.  Go here to see the earlier posts. As I've said before, it is hardly fair to send a tomato to my house and expect it to live.  I'm just a few blocks from […]

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Farmers Markets and the Etsy Problem

Apparently, in some parts of the country, farmers markets have expanded so much that they've run out of customers to sell to, and they're finding it hard to command the premium price they'd grown accustomed to. This poses a problem for those of us who would like to see...

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The Grafted Tomato Test Continues

As I reported last month, I'm testing a few varieties of grated tomatoes from Log House Plants. I'm very excited about the possibility of Super Yields!  Stronger!  Faster!  Fights Off Disease and Pests! as promised in the literature about these plants.  To say that my climate is a challenge...

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Veg-growing in the city

More evidence that food-growing is hot?  DC’s first-ever tour of vegetable gardens, sponsored by a local food website. First up, the only “farm” in town - Common Good City Farm, featured right here when Prince Charles visited this summer. I loved the private backyard garden of photo editor Eva...

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Speaking of Tomatoes…

I am not a fan of plastic tomato supports, and this proves the point.  I was sent this to try out a few years ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the company that makes it.  Anyway, I think I did give it...

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The Tomato Report

As I reported last week, I'm trying out some grafted tomatoes that Log House Plants sent me. I've got a grafted and non-grafted Big Beef planted right next to each other (along with a Sweet 100 that I picked up in a much larger size at the garden center.) ...

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The Grafted Tomato Challenge

Okay, Log House Plants, I’m in.  This Oregon nursery has developed a line of grafted tomato plants that they have branded “Mighty ‘Mato.”   As I understand it, these tomatoes are available online this year and are starting to be distributed at independent garden centers. The idea is this:  Commercial...

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Prince in town to promote sustainable farming

If you wondered why Prince Charles was here in DC just 5 days after the really big show in London, it was to speak to a conference about food.  And if this report is accurate, his views are awfully sympatico with my own – except he's been saying all...

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Do Expensive Grow Lights Matter?

Okay, it's one thing if you are growing a cash crop like marijuana in the guest room and need super high-intensity light to bring the crop in before the cops arrive. Or if you live in Alaska and morale depends on growing peppers in the house. But what if...

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Why Is That Woman Still Going On About Onions?

Why am I still writing about onions? Because at this time of year, when I'm grumpy about the seed-starting thing…Why won't those peppers and eggplants germinate?  Why am I spending all this time in my dank basement, where some previous owner covered over all the windows with plywood?  Why...

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They Tell Me Spring Will Come…

It's blizzarding today.  It's beautiful, but it's late winter.  I'm ready to stop shovelling snow and to start eating the mache in my garden that germinated last fall but is now hidden under snow.  High Mowing Seeds, a Vermont-based seed company that is unusual in that it only sells...

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The Most Inept School Garden Fundraiser in History

My friend Carol Maxwell and I are about to embark on our third season as heads of the Lake Avenue Elementary School Garden Club. We have an ideal division of labor. Carol does all the organizational stuff. In addition, she does most of the requisite charming of obstinate adults...

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The Bright Line Between Farmer and Gardener

The Northeast Organic Farming Assocation of New York had its winter meeting in my town of Saratoga Springs last weekend.  Seems like a great organization.  The meeting was focussed on helping new farmers.  One of the resolutions they were voting on was whether "organic" chicken should mean chicken fed...

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One Word: Hotbeds

I spoke at the Connecticut Horticultural Society's monthly meeting last night  Lovely people. And definitely one of those situations where I learned more from them than they learned from me. At the end of my talk, which revolved around soil management, with detours into parasitic worms, sanitary conditions in...

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The Awesomeness of Raintree Nursery

When I moved to Eureka, the first order of business was to buy an apple tree.  We may not be able to grow tomatoes in the fog, but we sure can grow some apples.  I didn't know anything about apples.  I called Raintree Nursery and was treated to a...

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Seed Stars of 2010

Merry Christmas! 2010 was a great year in my vegetable garden, and the third year in a row that I have managed my garden with almost no irrigation, not even bothering to set up my sprinkler on a timer.  But, unlike in 2008 and 2009, it wasn't raining buckets....

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Dangerous safety? I don’t think so.

Here’s my favorite provision of S-510, otherwise known as the Food Safety Modernization Act, and just approved unanimously by the Senate Sunday: it allows the FDA to recall foods linked to illness. We would no longer have to depend on the kindness of corporations to do the right thing...

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Virtual veggies

Look, we’re trying to get into the holiday spirit, we really are. But it’s hard. When the EPA decides the P in its acronym means poison, we get discouraged. And then there’s this from our friends at Pinnacle Foods. Birds Eye® is on a mission to inspire a love...

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Edible Madness

Much will be said in the coming weeks and months about Michele Owen's amazing new book Grow the Good Life, most of it by me. (With that link I send you to IndieBound, the website of independent booksellers, in hopes that you will pre-order a copy through your local...

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Meet Gordon Clark and Montgomery Victory Gardens

Here's a brief introduction to today's guest ranter Gordon Clark (from the Advisory Board info on the Montgomery Victory Gardens website).  Gordon Clark is the founder and Project Director of Montgomery Victory Gardens. A lifelong activist and organizer, Gordon served as the national Executive Director of Peace Action, the...

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