Episode 4: Vodka, Gin, Tea; Barbara, Kathy, and Dee. And me.

Those of you reading this at 8 a.m. on a Sunday might not be quite ready for cocktails, but ready or not, here it is: another Garden Rant Cocktail Hour. This episode is a bit different: it is a combined Skype recording of discussions between Elizabeth and three other bloggers. It’s also different because not […]

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The GardenRant Cocktail Hour: Episode 2

In which Elizabeth gets all dressed up for a gala botanical garden event, while Amy drinks vodka straight out of a mason jar and talks to her chickens. Topics include Champagne, hibiscus flowers in syrup, raspberry-infused vodka, a certain Black & Decker home appliance, and–once again–hyacinths. Special guest appearance...

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GardenRant Cocktail Hour: The Pilot

When we (Elizabeth and Amy) get together, we rummage through our respective liquor cabinets to see if we have anything new and interesting to drink that we can try out on the other.  But seeing as how we live across the country from each other—Elizabeth in Buffalo, Amy in...

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Grow your own drinks

Have you tried a honey lavender martini or a basil mojito? If not, now would be the time, as many of us have the ingredients growing in the garden as well as sitting in the liquor cabinet. I started using more botanical ingredients in cocktails a couple years ago,...

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Behind the Scenes at the White House Kitchen Garden

D Don't miss Jane Black's great story about the strategy and laser-like focus behind Michelle Obama's kitchen garden and how it fits into her whole health and nutrition campaign. Black mentions some competing demands/requests on our First Lady to expand her focus – to promote localism and farm-to-school programs...

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I Srsly Love This Gin. Not Just Because It Was Free.

by Amy Oh, the product samples we get!  Screw the garden gloves; I want to drink me some gin!  So a big GardenRant salute goes out to Tru Organic Spirits, makers of a damn fine organic, low-carbon-footprint gin that also happens to be really tasty and oh-so-botanical. If you...

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Just drink it

Some house offerings (probably from an Etna winery) we had at a tiny pizzeria high in the hills above Taormina. Sticking to the “Sicily only” section of the (many, many) winelists in Taormina was no problem. More and more of the wineries on the island are avoiding international grapes...

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My kind of garden show: Canada Blooms

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Topless Gardening

Yeah, that headline caught my eye, too. Turns out that’s only what you’ll WANT to do after you imbibe a basil martini, according to the San Diego Union-Trib‘s cocktail writer. This is one of those summer drinks that we can only dream of as the wind howls through the...

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Flowers + booze: always a good combination

Here’s a flower-related gift I bet no gardening columnist has yet recommended. I was trolling the aisles of my favorite gigantic local liquor store recently, looking for interesting bottles, when I found this: It’s St. Germain, an artisanal liquor made from elderflowers that was launched last February. I was...

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The Total Rant Fantasy: A Vineyard In The Backyard

I therefore undertook grape vine management with some chutzpa and aplomb that usually accompany all prideful ventures.  I figured:  these vines have been here for 80-90 years.  They have either had perfect care or they have had a combination of fickle and perfect care over those many decades:  how...

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Drink The View

This week, the New York Times covered a new phenomenon in the delightfully artificial world of American living: planned communities centered around vineyards. As far as suburban fantasies go, this is a step up.  Better for the environment than the whole golf community phenomenon.  And while I’d never be...

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The flowers shouldn’t be on the label

They should be inside the bottle. We enjoyed some delicious and fragrantly floriferous whites during the weekend of Garden Walk and it made me think of other wines I love during summer. There is plenty of warm weather left for most of us, and I¹m suspecting the serious garden...

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Garden cocktails for a summer Sunday

by Eliz. While spending the weekend in Stonington, CT, we ran across a restaurant bar that stocked some slightly-beyond-ordinary items. They are items many gardeners may have a superfluity of at this time of year. The Water Street Café is the name of the place and the bartender, Karen,...

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